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7 Reasons Waterside Bentota Earned Rave Reviews from Guests


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Waterside Bentota
Waterside Bentota

Waterside Bentota, a charming riverfront hotel located in Bentota, has captured the hearts of its guests, achieving an outstanding rating of 9.1 based on 81 reviews ( With a serene setting overlooking the river and an array of amenities, Waterside Bentota stands out as a preferred choice among travelers. Here are seven key reasons why the hotel has garnered such excellent reviews:

1. Breathtaking Riverfront Location:

Positioned on the banks of a river, Waterside Bentota offers guests a picturesque setting with stunning views of the water. The tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the river create a memorable and peaceful experience for guests.

Waterside Bentota River view

2. Spacious and Comfortable Accommodations:

The hotel provides Deluxe Double Rooms with balconies, offering guests a spacious and comfortable retreat. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms. The thoughtful design and quality furnishings contribute to a comfortable stay.

3. Exceptional Staff Friendliness:

Numerous guest reviews highlight the remarkably friendly and helpful staff at Waterside Bentota. The attentive and welcoming service creates a positive and memorable experience for guests. The staff's willingness to go the extra mile to assist guests is consistently mentioned in reviews.

4. Scenic Outdoor Pool and Garden:

Waterside Bentota boasts an inviting outdoor swimming pool set amidst a well-maintained garden. Guests can enjoy a refreshing swim while surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape. The pool area provides a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding.

Waterside Bentota pool

5. Delicious On-Site Dining Experience:

The in-house restaurant at Waterside Bentota offers a delectable culinary experience. Guests praise the delicious food, and the restaurant's ambiance adds to the overall dining experience. The availability of a bar for refreshing beverages further enhances the dining options.

Waterside Bentota River View

6. Offer of Exciting Activities:

Waterside Bentota provides a range of activities for guests to enjoy, including cycling and fishing. The option to engage in a private river boat tour stands out as a unique and memorable experience. The hotel's commitment to providing diverse activities contributes to its appeal.

7.Genius Benefits and Discounts:

Waterside Bentota participates in's loyalty program, offering Genius benefits to select guests. With a 15% discount applied to the price before taxes and charges, the hotel provides additional value for money, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

In conclusion, Waterside Bentota has succeeded in creating a haven for travelers seeking a serene and enjoyable escape. The combination of a breathtaking riverfront location, comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and a variety of activities has positioned the hotel as a top choice in Bentota. The consistently high ratings and positive guest reviews underscore Waterside Bentota's commitment to providing an exceptional and memorable stay for every guest. Whether seeking relaxation by the river or engaging in exciting activities, Waterside Bentota offers a well-rounded and delightful experience.


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