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20 Best Places to Stay in and around Bentota, Sri Lanka

Bentota, located along the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, is a tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches, serene riverbanks, and lush greenery. Whether you're looking for a luxurious resort, a charming boutique hotel, or a serene villa, Bentota has it all. In this article, we'll explore 20 of the best places to stay in and around Bentota, offering a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.


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Here is a List of the 20 Best Places to Stay in and near Bentota, Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Bentota Beach

1. Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Cinnamon Bentota Beach is a well-established, upscale beachfront resort that has been a favorite among travelers for its luxurious offerings. The resort boasts comfortable rooms that provide guests with a serene environment and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

One of the highlights of this resort is its wide array of dining options. From local Sri Lankan cuisine to international flavors, Cinnamon Bentota Beach's restaurants cater to a variety of tastes. Additionally, the beautiful beachside pool is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the coastal paradise that Bentota has to offer. Whether you're seeking adventure or tranquility, this resort is equipped to meet your every need.

Dutch Gate

2. Dutch Gate

Dutch Gate is a boutique hotel that exudes charm and intimacy. This charming property combines Dutch colonial architecture with modern amenities, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere for its guests. The hotel's design pays homage to the historical Dutch influence in Sri Lanka, offering a glimpse into the country's rich heritage.

Dutch Gate is the perfect choice for travelers who want to experience something different and immerse themselves in the culture and history of the region. The personalized service and attention to detail ensure that your stay at Dutch Gate will be a memorable and distinctive one.

Taru Villas The Long House - Bentota

3. Taru Villas The Long House - Bentota

Taru Villas The Long House is a beautifully designed boutique villa, set amidst lush gardens and serene surroundings. This property is an excellent choice for those looking for a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat. The Long House offers personalized service and a tranquil ambiance that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

Guests at The Long House can unwind by the pool, take leisurely strolls through the garden, or simply bask in the beauty of nature. The villa's design is a fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, creating a harmonious and soothing environment for guests to enjoy.

Occidental Eden Beruwala

4. Occidental Eden Beruwala

Occidental Eden Beruwala is located in Beruwala, a short drive from Bentota, and is an all-inclusive beachfront resort that offers a luxurious and convenient escape. The resort boasts numerous facilities, making it an excellent choice for family vacations.

From swimming pools and watersports to entertainment and dining, Occidental Eden has something for everyone. The all-inclusive concept means that guests can enjoy their vacation without worrying about additional expenses. With a beautiful beach right at your doorstep, this resort promises a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Riu Sri Lanka All Inclusive

5. Riu Sri Lanka All Inclusive

Riu Sri Lanka is a modern, all-inclusive resort that promises a hassle-free vacation with everything included. The resort is set in a stunning location and offers breathtaking views of the ocean. It's an excellent choice for travelers who want to unwind without worrying about the details.

Riu Sri Lanka provides a wide range of activities and amenities, ensuring that there's never a dull moment during your stay. Whether you're interested in water sports, wellness treatments, or simply lounging by the pool, this resort has it all covered, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a carefree and memorable getaway.

Pandanus Beach Resort & Spa

6. Pandanus Beach Resort & Spa

Pandanus Beach Resort & Spa is a hidden gem on the pristine shores of Bentota, Sri Lanka. This tranquil beachfront oasis is known for its spacious rooms and suites that provide guests with comfortable accommodations and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The resort's spa facilities are a highlight, offering a range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies to help guests relax and unwind. Whether you're seeking a soothing massage or a refreshing dip in the pool, Pandanus Beach Resort & Spa has it all.

Dining at Pandanus Beach Resort is a delightful experience, with excellent culinary options featuring a variety of local and international dishes. The serene atmosphere of the resort makes it an ideal destination for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and simply relax amidst the natural beauty of Sri Lanka's coastline.

Heritance Ahungalla

7. Heritance Ahungalla

Heritance Ahungalla is the epitome of luxury and opulence in Bentota. Set against the backdrop of stunning sea views, this resort offers a truly memorable experience. The rooms and suites are exquisitely designed, with attention to detail and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and lavish stay.

Dining at Heritance Ahungalla is a culinary journey, with extensive dining choices that range from traditional Sri Lankan cuisine to international favorites. The resort's range of amenities includes a spa, fitness center, and water sports, allowing guests to indulge in both relaxation and adventure in a lavish setting.

Sheraton Kosgoda Turtle Beach Resort

8. Sheraton Kosgoda Turtle Beach Resort

Located near Bentota, the Sheraton Kosgoda Turtle Beach Resort is renowned for its commitment to turtle conservation projects. The beachfront resort seamlessly blends comfort with eco-conscious practices.

Guests can not only enjoy the comforts and amenities of the resort but also actively participate in turtle conservation efforts, making this a unique and meaningful experience. It's an ideal destination for travelers who appreciate nature and are interested in contributing to the preservation of marine life.

Club Villa

9. Club Villa

Club Villa is a charming and intimate property that offers stunning ocean views. The villa's rustic charm and personalized service create a serene and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect getaway for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

The property's design and architecture blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, providing guests with an authentic Sri Lankan experience. Club Villa's secluded location, lush gardens, and serene ambiance make it an ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lunuganga Estate

10. Lunuganga Estate

Lunuganga Estate is a unique and unparalleled experience for architecture and nature enthusiasts. This former country estate, once owned by the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, has been transformed into a boutique hotel. The estate showcases Bawa's genius in landscape architecture and design.

Guests at Lunuganga Estate have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of this historic property, surrounded by picturesque gardens, serene water features, and stunning architecture. Staying at the estate is not just a visit; it's a journey through the mind of a visionary architect and a celebration of nature's splendor. It offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience both culture and design in a luxurious and tranquil setting.

Jetwing Saman Villas

11. Jetwing Saman Villas

Jetwing Saman Villas is a hidden gem nestled in a secluded bay, offering peace, privacy, and breathtaking ocean views. The property is the perfect escape for those seeking serenity and luxurious amenities in a natural paradise. The well-appointed rooms and suites provide guests with a sense of tranquility and comfort.

With direct access to the beach, Jetwing Saman Villas ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean at your doorstep. The resort offers various activities, including water sports and cultural excursions, allowing you to make the most of your time in this stunning corner of Bentota.

Taru Villas - Rock Villa - Bentota

12. Taru Villas - Rock Villa - Bentota

Taru Villas - Rock Villa is a charming boutique hotel surrounded by lush greenery. The villa's serene and tropical setting provides the perfect escape for travelers looking to relax in a natural paradise near Bentota.

The hotel offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere, with personalized service and attention to detail. Guests can unwind in the peaceful ambiance of the villa, explore the beautiful gardens, or simply relax by the pool. Rock Villa is an ideal choice for those who seek a serene and unspoiled slice of paradise.

Sri Villas

13. Sri Villas

Sri Villas is a collection of contemporary villas, each with a private pool, offering guests the perfect setting for an intimate and luxurious stay. The villas are elegantly designed, combining modern comforts with traditional Sri Lankan elements.

Each villa at Sri Villas provides a private and personalized experience, making it an excellent choice for couples or small groups seeking seclusion and luxury. The beautiful surroundings and attentive service ensure that your stay is both comfortable and memorable.

Shangri-lanka Villa

14. Shangri-lanka Villa

Shangri-lanka Villa is a haven of luxury and elegance. The spacious accommodations and personalized service offered at this property create an exceptional experience for guests, making it the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or a special occasion.

The villa's design is exquisite, combining modern comforts with a touch of traditional Sri Lankan aesthetics. The attention to detail and the serene atmosphere make Shangri-lanka Villa an idyllic destination for those seeking a luxurious and romantic retreat.

The Villa Bentota by KK Collection

15. The Villa Bentota by KK Collection

The Villa Bentota is a boutique hotel that offers a unique blend of colonial charm and modern comforts. Situated in a peaceful riverside location, it provides an extra layer of serenity and beauty to the overall experience.

The hotel's design and architecture reflect its colonial heritage, offering guests an authentic sense of history and culture. The peaceful riverside setting adds to the tranquil ambiance, making it a serene escape for those who appreciate a blend of luxury and history in a picturesque setting.

Taru Villas - The Muse - Bentota

16. Taru Villas - The Muse - Bentota

Taru Villas - The Muse offers a tranquil setting with a minimalist design, creating a peaceful retreat for travelers seeking simplicity and relaxation. The property focuses on providing a calm and uncluttered environment where guests can unwind and rejuvenate.

The Muse is known for its serene ambiance, minimalistic decor, and personalized service. It offers a perfect escape from the demands of daily life, allowing guests to find tranquility and peace in the heart of Bentota.

Bentota No 1

17. Bentota No 1

Bentota No 1 is a budget-friendly option that provides clean and comfortable accommodations for travelers who want to explore Bentota without breaking the bank. This guesthouse offers an excellent value for money without compromising on comfort.

The property is an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers who wish to experience the beauty of Bentota without straining their wallets. It provides a cozy and hassle-free stay for guests.

Celestia Ayurveda Resort - Full board and Treatments

18. Celestia Ayurveda Resort - Full board and Treatments

Celestia Ayurveda Resort is a wellness-focused property that specializes in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. It offers a serene and rejuvenating environment, allowing guests to experience the holistic benefits of Ayurveda.

The resort offers full board and treatments, ensuring that guests receive a comprehensive Ayurvedic experience. From personalized therapies to wholesome meals, Celestia Ayurveda Resort aims to rejuvenate and revitalize both the body and mind.

The Aluthgama House

19. The Aluthgama House

The Aluthgama House is a cozy and homely guesthouse located near Bentota, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's a perfect choice for travelers who appreciate a personal touch and local hospitality.

The guesthouse offers a sense of community and comfort, making guests feel like they are staying with friends or family. The Aluthgama House is an excellent option for those who want to experience the warmth and friendliness of the local culture.

Ahu Bay

20. Ahu Bay

Ahu Bay is a serene riverside retreat that offers tranquil views and a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The property provides a soothing atmosphere, ideal for those seeking relaxation and serenity.

Guests at Ahu Bay can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, unwind by the riverside, or engage in activities like birdwatching or simply contemplative strolls. The property's peaceful setting ensures a calm and rejuvenating stay for those looking to escape the chaos of urban life.

Whether you're in search of a romantic escape, a family vacation, or simply a tranquil getaway, the variety of accommodation options in and around Bentota caters to every taste and budget. These 20 best places to stay offer a mix of luxury, comfort, and unique experiences, ensuring an unforgettable stay in this picturesque part of Sri Lanka. So, go ahead and plan your dream vacation in Bentota, where relaxation and adventure await.

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